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An Arctic Refuge for Military Families in Alaska
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This is a Live Journal Community created by an Army spouse living in Alaska. It is a place for those of us stationed here to meet one another and gain both support and friendship.

This is not an official US Army/Air Force Community.

Please remember common sense and opsec while posting. Due to current conditions this site will remain closely moderated. All entries must remain "friend's only," or they will not be approved for posting.


-You must be a military family member currently stationed in Alaska, or formally stationed in Alaska (within the last 3 years).
-You must post an introduction (see layout below) within 48 hours of your request to join.
-Snapshots are very welcome but please place them behind a Lj-cut!
-If you feel the need to be a potty mouth, go right ahead! Just place your entry behind a Lj-cut out of respect for others. Somewhere outside the cut let us know it contains naughty words.
-Play nice with others.

Your Introduction Post MUST include:
1.) Your name (first only is more then okay):
2.) Your age (you can round down if you wish):
3.) Family member serving (hubby, wife, mom, dad):
4.) Location (if you are concerned with safety you can simply put "Anchorage area" or "Fairbanks area"):
5.) Give us an idea of what your family is like:
We're a five member family. Two boys and a girl. The oldest is 5. We like to spend time together watching tv. We also have a dog.
6.) Is this your first duty station?
7.) Has your family gone through a deployment?
8.) How long have you been in AK?
9.) What do you like best about Alaska?
10.) What do you hate?