YaYa Sister Of The Southern Persuasion (blondiebegood76) wrote in ak_mil_families,
YaYa Sister Of The Southern Persuasion

Camping area's near Anchorage anyone?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking for somewhere for me and my family (kids are 6, 7 & 9) to go camping that is close to Anchorage (within 2 hours) for a short weekend. All of our friends that go camping have ATV's and they do camping a bit differently then we do :0) We like some grass and maybe some small trails, a stream, etc. Our friends go places that have rocks and good riding trails but are pretty boring for my family. I say within 2 hours because there are some weekends when we just want to 'take off' but we work Mon-Fri and would leave early evening (6ish) Friday night and need to be back home by early evening on Sunday so not driving for 8 hours or so would be great :0)

We like a little space between camp-sites and we have a dog so we would like places that she can be with us without feeling 'crowded' or making other people feel that way, etc. My hubby likes to fish and me and the kids like to relax and ride bikes, things like that. We have a pop-up camper as well.

We appreciate any help ya'll can offer. Our camping last year pretty much consisted of Ft. Richardson which is nice to just get out of our house, but we want something a LITTLE further :0)

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